Dwayne Wilson

Rare Disease Health Leader Dwayne Wilson

My name is Dwayne Wilson and I have Late on-set Pompe Disease. Pompe, it's in my DNA, I was diagnosed with the Rare Inherited Genetic Muscle Weakness Disease when I was 50 yrs old in Nov, 2018. I have 2 gene mutations resulting in my body's lack of producing the GAA enzyme to break down and process glycogen in the muscle cells. My Super Power is now Smashing Pompe and ridding the World of the Glycogen Monsters! I live in Southern California and have a Passion to bring Awareness about Pompe & other Rare diseases to the Community. I want to spread Hope & Positivity to Everyone! Having a rare disease is not the end, just a new beginning doing things differently. You can still write the chapters in your life story, the pages are blank and ready for a masterpiece to be created. Follow me at @smashingpompe on social media.

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