Autism spectrum disorder-epilepsy-arthrogryposis syndrome

What is Autism spectrum disorder-epilepsy-arthrogryposis syndrome?

SLC35A3-CDG is a form of congenital disorders of N-linked glycosylation characterized by distal arthrogryposis (mild flexion contractures of the fingers, deviation of the distal phalanges, swan-neck deformity), retromicrognathia, general muscle hypotonia, delayed psychomotor development, autism spectrum disorder (speech delay, abnormal use of speech, difficulties in initiating, understanding and maintaining social interaction, limited non-verbal communication and repetitive behavior), seizures, microcephaly and mild to moderate intellectual disability that becomes apparent with age. The disease is caused by mutations in the gene SLC35A3 (1p21).

Other condition names

  • SLC35A3-CDG

Inheritance type

Autosomal recessive


  • Worldwide: <1 in 1,000 000

Age of Onset

  • Infancy
  • Neonatal
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