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Webinar: Moments of Mindfulness – A Patient's Perspective

What do people mean when they talk about practicing mindfulness? What are they actually doing? How much time does it take? Do you have to do it every day? How might mindfulness help someone living with a rare disease?

If you have asked yourself any of these questions or are just curious to hear a rare disease Patient Leader speak honestly about mindfulness, this free webinar is for you!

Mindfulness from a rare disease Patient Leader perspective

Cultivating a mindfulness habit did not come easily or naturally to Erin Leibowitz, a Patient Leader living with a rare cancer. In this webinar, Erin talks about the tangible things she does to help reduce stress during doctors' appointments and procedures. She also shares how simple mindfulness habits help cast her health journey in a new light.

You can watch the replay video below:


Featured speaker: Erin Leibowitz, Patient Leader

Erin Leibowitz is a writer and Patient Leader who was diagnosed with metastatic pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer shortly before her 30th birthday. Neuroendocrine cancer, also known as NET cancer, is a rare, incurable cancer.

Erin believes in the importance of patient education and self-advocacy, and she uses her voice to encourage and educate others. She cares deeply about equity in the health system. By sharing her experience, Erin hopes to give hope to others. In her free time, Erin loves exploring Colorado with her daughter and her service dog, Maggie.

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