Surrounded by Water

Since I was born I've been ill. At 5 years old I had bladder, stomach, and bowel problems. I had bladder tests operations for the pain in my stomach, but that did not help. School was hard and nobody understood my pain.

Struggle after struggle

It was in my head again. I found it odd that I could walk on the sides of my ankles. My mum tried with doctors, but it was a waste of time. Then I got married and had trouble falling pregnant, which resulted in needing an operation. No pregnancy was normal, but I had so much bleeding. With my 3rd baby I could not stop bleeding. I had to have another operation to keep my baby there.

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At this time my jaw dislocated; I remember my swollen face. I did not make full term with the baby and I went by plane to Newcastle hospital. He was born there. I had anaesthetic, but it did not work. I was in a dark tunnel of a
cesarean delivery. Oh, the pain!

Still struggling

That was then I was 30 years old. Now, I'm 78 going on 79 years old. No doctors know about my condition. Today I'm a mess. I go from my bed to the lounge. That's not a life. I have braces, most of which I bought without any help. I've had to work it out myself. I can hardly walk with many infections. I'm in Australia. My body is a mess. I was finally diagnosed when I was 70 years old. I'm standing in water. My mental self is lost.

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