Ignored Symptoms

I became sick and was treated by doctors who only diagnosed patients by what the books say! They did not listen to me and my symptoms! I suffered for years and was expected to take care of a house, a husband, a child, a dog, and a full time job! Extremely sick!

Educating myself

I have learned to read, read, and read everything about autoimmune diseases! In my opinion the older doctors have the experience and wisdom that the younger doctors don’t have! Most of the younger doctors only diagnose by what the books say, not listening to what the patient (me) has to say. In my experience, the younger doctors are often offended by the patient being knowledgeable about their illness.

This or That

Have you had trouble finding a healthcare provider that believes your symptoms?

Don't stop searching

Autoimmune diseases are not a disease that you can take a test and then you're diagnosed. A lot of people like myself, our test results just make our doctors not want to diagnose autoimmune illnesses, even if you have a positive result. This is very dangerous because the sick person can become sicker and even die! My helpful hint is to not waste your time with a doctor who doesn’t listen to you and bases your illness by only what the books say. Find another doctor, because believe it or not, they are out there! You just have to look for them!! ❤️❤️❤️

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