A doctor and patient converse across from each other.

Advocacy Anywhere: Communication With Your Doctor

Through my many healthcare experiences due to having cystic fibrosis, I have experienced the power that lies in self-advocating for my health in the clinic setting. My passion is to empower others to be active participants in their care, too.

Having good relationships with our providers means a mutually respectful interaction where we feel comfortable sharing our perspectives and collaboratively making decisions about our care with doctors.

Tips to communicate more effectively with your doctor

Changing a bad relationship to a good one can be quite difficult, but there are ways to communicate more effectively to try to create a more positive patient-doctor relationship.

In this video, I share my thoughts and tips on how to do our part as patients to self-advocate, take ownership of our health, and support the relationship we have with our care doctors.

How would you describe your relationships with your healthcare providers? What works well? What do you wish you could change? Share in the comments below.

This or That

I think of my doctors as partners in managing my rare disease

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