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My disease

I have pulmonary fibrosis. I was diagnosed in 2001.. and told I would be dead 'by this time next week '!! I was coerced by the Dr. involved.. into having an "open lung biopsy," way of being told that if I did NOT let the biopsy be done..he would see to it that I would be unable to get medical treatment for the problems I was encountering..ANYWHERE IN THIS COUNTRY!! I reluctantly agreed..while the biopsy was supposed to be no more than a 45 min. procedure..I came out 6 hrs. later..minus my entire lung!! I was told my blood-pressure couldn't be stabilized well enough to bring me out of the anesthesia! Well into that what you might.. but I feel like my heart was supposed to stop.. so no one had to explain the whole lung being taken out! career was now age 41
.and all I could do was try to get the next breath without passing out!..crazy as it sounds.. I'm still here..almost 23 yrs. later. I keep the temperature regulated around the area I'm in..and it seems to work!..there are many difficulties..but I'm still amongst the living!

  1. Hi , that you for sharing your astonishing story. I'm glad you are still here and that you've found ways to be comfortable. What career were you practicing when you became ill? - Warmly, Donna (team member)

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