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What fills your cups on hard days?

Living with a rare disease or caring for someone who has one can be challenging. We want to know how you keep your own cup full while navigating difficult symptoms, multiple tests, and/or the exhaustion of fighting to be believed.

  1. I am a caregiver which fills my cup up. some days I am my own caregiver rest up for myself

    1. I take long, warm baths

      1. I have found that spending time with my plants and flowers helps me stay grounded and focused. Also, when I take my daughter to appointments, we do our best to have a little bit of fun and visit her favorite places to eat and shop.

        1. , both of those sound like lovely ways to fill your cup and inject some joy into otherwise hectic days. I love gardening as well - I am slowly piecing together a scent garden. -Do you have gardening goals? Warmly, Donna (team member)

      2. I thank God for a very supportive family and great friends that help me cope daily.

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