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What fills your cups on hard days?

Living with a rare disease or caring for someone who has one can be challenging. We want to know how you keep your own cup full while navigating difficult symptoms, multiple tests, and/or the exhaustion of fighting to be believed.

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  1. Dx Stage 4 squamous non-small cell lung cancer in December cup is filled full of HOPE! To make it to the next day, to make it to the next drug, to make it to a cure!

    1. I have POTS, chronic pain and chronic migraines and I’m not sure if any of them are rare. I keep my cup full with self care. I use a sauna, I cold plunge, I do mindfulness exercises, I drink tea, and I use my acupressure mats and pillow.

      1. Thank you for sharing!
        Sauna and cold plunge sound very cleansing and invigorating.
        Mindfulness exercises are so soothing, and readily available for free on the net. I follow Tara Brach and her hubby, Jonathon Foust.
        Tea is one of my favorite ways to relax or help with symptoms and medication side effects - ginger tea, in particular, for tummy issues.

        Gina Miller, Team Member

    2. Living with 4 rare diseases can be rough. I fill my cup by cuddling with my precious kitty, Abigail Bagel.

      1. , what an adorable name! We'd love to see her! I'm a cat person, and a good cuddle is the cure for any number of emothional or spiritual ills. Give Abigail a kiss between the ears for me. - Warmly, Donna (team member)

    3. I fill my cup with art, hobbies, light gardening (when physically able), staying in touch with family online, my cat, and the home I share with my best friend.
      But mostly, ART.
      All kinds of art. Anything creative! It's something I can do even when I am not feeling great.

      1. I like to color and do crafts

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