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Workplace Experiences

Has your rare disease impacted you in the workplace? What kind of experiences (positive or negative) have you had with disclosing to managers or coworkers?

  1. Yes, I had to retire early bc the pain was so bad and after 11 years, I still had no took17 years to finally get diagnosed with Mesenteric Artery Ligament Syndrome.

    1. Hi .
      Thank you for sharing about your journey here. I had never before heard of your rare disease. Being a Celiac, it surprised me to learn that there is a 'celiac artery' and some of the symptoms seen similar to what I experienced before learning about being a Celiac and going gluten-free. I'm so sorry that your disease caused such bad pain, to the point of not being able to work. I really hope someone else who might have unexplained pain might end up reading about this disease here, too, and might find their answers sooner than happened in your case. Hugs.

      Gina Miller, Team Member

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