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Learning to cope w/all my medical issues

I'm new on here, hoping to have some people to chat with. I have 4pups that keep me company everyday. Hugs +snuggling are the best! I'm dealing w/6 autoimmune diseases +2rare diseases+ am 66yo+most days are very hard for me. I hope to get to find out how others here make it thru the hard days.

  1. Welcome! It's great to meet you and your 4 pups.
    Hugs and snuggles sound wonderful. I admire your strength dealing with so much. How do you find joy on tough days?

    1. Hi 😀
      Thanks for adding your loving support for
      Would you like to share a bit about how you make it through your tough days?
      Smiles and hugs,
      Gina (Team Member)

  2. I'm 57 with 1 autoimmune disease, 2 autonomic conditions and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, bilateral peripheral neuropathy... and I'm dyslexic. When things get bad I work on being VERY mindful of my actions and activities. Mindfulness does work.

    1. , it is good, I think, though it is probably a coping mechanism, to find things to be grateful for after a trauma or diagnosis. I have always had trouble with trust and have had to extend trust. I also have found many relationships have deepened. And I am grateful for that. I do think many of us develop a more esoteric kind of wisdom as we navigate life under new circumstances. - Warmly, Donna (Team Member)

    2.  Brilliantly put Donna!

  3. Animals are so important. I wish I lived on a farm. I would be in heaven! When I go out in public I get very anxious mainly because everyone wants to "help" me. I feel like everyone is watching me all the time and it creeps me out. I have a rare hereditary neurological problem that affects me from the waist down. I remember what it was like to be in public and go unnoticed. It makes me very sad to know I will never have that feeling again.

    1. Hi ,

      Thank you for sharing from your heart...
      I hear your sadness over losing full control over your body...and experiencing the grieving of knowing that you won't get that back.
      Yes, animals do accept us 'as is'... neurological issues and all!
      Just thinking about being on a farm helped soothe me...I used to work on one when a teen.
      I do hope that you'll have many more opportunities to experience that type of non-self-conscious joy, and acceptance, again.

      Gina Miller, Team Member

  4. so glad you found this community. it's full of great and understanding people. i love dogs, but have five cats who know when i need extra attention. animals have a great deal of empathy. i have 39 years of chronic illness experience, and over the years i have relied on distraction to help me get through the bad days. whether it's reading, sewing, jigsaw puzzles, drawing, gentle exercise, or even television, i do my best to distract myself from the pain, as well as the fatigue. i have eight chronic illnesses: recurrent meningitis is rare; rheumatoid arthritis is autoimmune; and the others are somewhere in between, i guess. dealing with our illnesses is the toughest job there is, but doing everything possible to maintain a positive attitude is critical. take care, and hug your doggies for me!

    1. I totally resonate with needing, and using, different activities to help distract my mind from pain.
      What we focus on definitely tends to get amplified.
      And...It really is a job of sorts to stay positive through the many ongoing challenges brought on by living with chronic illnesses!
      I bought a helpful book recently, entitled "How To Be Sick." It's mindfulness based and has been very helpful to me.

      Gina Miller Team Member

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