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undiagnosed with normal blood work

These are my symptoms and I just wonder if anyone else has the same thing and has been diagnosed with something where medicine or therapy has helped.
My symptoms are extreme and painful tightness in my hips and lower back as well as unexplained muscle cramping and spasm in several random places on my body. My biceps and triceps become fatigued for very little reason. I am not dehydrated and or low in minerals that would cause this. My blood work is normal.

  1. I’m not smart enough to diagnose you but unfortunately with rare disease the process is often long. Don’t give up hope.

    1. Okie dokie!! I think I might have it. Achy/tightness in the thighs, feels like into your hips & lower back. By chance, do you have some discoloration on your knuckles-like they got a little sun but the rest of your hand didn't?

      1. Sorry for the delay, this got buried in my email. I do not have discoloration in my knuckles.

    2. I screwed up on the reply lol.

      1. yes

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