You're Just Complicated

Have you ever been told that you are complicated by a medical professional? I have time and time again.

On the hunt for answers

My journey started off with migraines back in the 90s. Then severe nausea, bloating, mild vomiting, and lots of constipation. You would think that when a person has something that isn't going away, or better with treatment, one would look further. That didn't happen to years later.

In 2013, I was diagnosed with gastroparesis. I tried diet changes, meds, and then got a gastric stimulator. I then needed a j feeding tube. Later had a gj tube and now just a g tube. I am on TPN and have a port.

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Finding more than I bargained for

After this diagnosis, more were on their way. I found out that I had autonomic dysfunction, which causes multiple issues such as temperature dysregulation, hypotension, hypoglycemia, and palpitations, and even my gastroparesis is related to that.

I later found out that I also had Ehlers Danlos as well as mast cell activation syndrome. Both of these are problematic as well. I think the MCAS, is the one that is more severe of the two though.

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And more...

You'd think this was enough, but...there's more. I also have primary immunodeficiency. This was diagnosed finally, in 2019. I have a great immunologist/allergist. He handles my asthma, allergies, MCAS, and Immunodeficiency. I have been on IgG therapy and Xolair for a few years. This has been helpful.

My silver lining

Even though I have many diseases, I am glad that my team of doctors recognizes them, and are willing to help me as much as possible. Having doctors that will listen to you and advocate for you is wonderful.

Hoping the best to all!

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