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Transitioning From Pediatric to Adult Care

Does anyone have experience with transitioning from a pediatric healthcare team to and adult care team? Do you have any tips for others navigating this, either as a patient or a caregiver?

  1. I struggled with this myself, so much so my pediatric GI specialist who served also as my PCP kept me for over 2 decades because I was so terrified and unwilling to transfer to adult care. However, when I started to make that transition my pediatric specialist contacted my new adult specialist prior to my first appointment to provide them information about me and my health, my concerns about transitioning to adult care and she maintained communication with my new adult specialist so that she was apprised of my health and treatments received. This helped me feel more comfortable, while she was no longer directing my care, she was aware of it and could recommend changes if needed until I began to feel comfortable with my new adult specialist.

    1. Not at the moment but will surely tell if get info from someone.

      1. I don't have any advise. I know that some pediatric surgeons will take on the case if you are not able to find an adult surgeon. Myself I am currently dealing with trying to find surgeon to decompress my skull, which is normally only done on children. It just takes a lot of just calling, emailing to fine out.

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